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21 Ways to Excel at Project Management

Every project is different and, therefore, presents a new set of challenges. The skills needed to manage projects are becoming a standard part of life in organisations today.

Use this checklist to drive your project success:

  1. Do you have adequate business sponsorship and leadership?
  2. Have you defined and understood the business objectives and benefits?
  3. Have you developed a detailed project plan?
  4. Is your project a manageable size?
  5. Have you defined a detailed project budget?
  6. Are you managing the project risks?
  7. Have you appointed an experienced project manager?
  8. Do you have experienced and effective user representation?
  9. Have you clearly defined the project roles and responsibilities?
  10. Do you have enough experienced resources?
  11. Are you monitoring progress regularly?
  12. Are you distributing regular progress reports?
  13. Are you achieving the right balance of consultation and leadership?
  14. Are the user requirements realistic?
  15. Have you based your development on a prototyping iterative approach?
  16. Have you conducted structured testing?
  17. Do you have a comprehensive implementation plan?
  18. Have you conducted a post implementation review?
  19. Will the deliverables and benefits of your project survive?
  20. Have you looked at the lessons learned from your project?
  21. Have you celebrated the success of your project?

By following these twenty-one steps and continuing to develop and refine your skills, you will be well equipped to excel in the modern business environment.