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Celebrating Success

Question 21: Have you celebrated the success of your project?

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21 Ways to Excel at Project Management

Good Practice: Before moving on to your next project, it is worth spending some time to celebrate your success. It provides a way to say, 'thank you' to your team and helps with motivation. Always publicise your successes both inside and outside the organisation. This will help raise you and your teams profile and credentials for future projects.

Completion of a project and the steps along the way can be intrinsically rewarding for project team members. Outwardly celebrating successes also can be a source of motivation for the team. When project milestones are reached, they should be communicated to project team members and stakeholders. Small rewards for team members who go above and beyond their duties also should be considered to communicate a job well done. These rewards can come in various forms, from certificates of appreciation to recognition in the organisations staff newsletter or on its website. 1

In the words of American psychologist Frederick Herzberg, True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction and recognition.

1 Alison B. Flynn & Timothy J. Mangione, Five Steps to a Winning Project Team, 2008.

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