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Team Building

Team building is a project focused process that builds and develops shared goals, interdependence, trust, commitment and accountability among team members.

4 Ways to Motivate Your Project Team

There are times, of course, when I as project manager forget about my team and I have to be reminded how important it is to keep them and myself motivated and engaged. I'd like to share four tips that work for me.

Project Managers: Forget About Feedback and try a Little Feedforward Instead

Project management is a tough job. Where else would you be expected to manage something that is temporary, has not been done before, is loosely defined, is constantly changing, is laden with complexity risk and unrealistic expectations and is set within fixed constraints including resources, budget, time, process, organisation and culture?

Helping Project Teams Succeed

How often do we hear project managers complaining that they have been set-up to fail? If you're like me then often. I am sure that organisations want their project managers to succeed. So, where does the 'set-up to fail' idea come from if this is true? Could it be the organisation doesn't have an environment that supports success?